As a literature student, I have spent many years analysing various forms of literature. I have studied poetry, to novels, to newspaper articles and beyond. I have studied texts that I like, texts that I dislike, and texts that I admire.

This blog is a means for me to express my long held personal thoughts and feelings about texts to which, during my academic endeavours, I must appear largely objective.

I largely specialise in Medieval and Early Modern texts in my academic research, but in my spare time I enjoy reading autobiographies, philosophical novels and fantasy books. Some of my favourite writers include: Jean-Paul Sartré, Albert Camus and H. G. Wells. However, for the purposes of this blog, I intend to look at a broad range of texts and genres, all of which will be unfamiliar to me so that I can give my first impressions of them, rather than something pre-meditated.

Feedback is always appreciated on my pieces and constructive criticism is welcome. I aspire to go into publishing after completion of my MA degree; therefore I would be grateful for improvements to my writing style and content.


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